6 Ways You Can Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the leading mental health problems that people suffer from in today’s day and age. It is vicious and makes a sane person question their worth, abilities, and intelligence. Thus, below are some ways to deal with it effectively.

1. Start moving your body:

The most effective technique prescribed by psychologists and mental health advocates is that the minute you start to feel that your mental health is deteriorating, you should start moving. In a famous TV series, Grey’s Anatomy, this is called “dancing it out”. Thus, the idea is to start dancing for ten to fifteen seconds randomly. You don’t even need music for this as you can visualise it in your mind. Forget about all the worries in the world and focus on the movement. This will relax your muscles and release healthy hormones and neurochemicals in the body, hence, elevating the mood.

2. Pay attention to how you sleep:

One of the main reasons why people suffer from anxiety is; suffering from chronic sleep-related issues for a long time. Therefore, investigate the way you sleep. Write down and journal it for a week or so. Do you constantly feel restless? Is your body posture not supportive? Figure out the problem and address it to your physician.

3. Reduce caffeine consumption:

Caffeine itself is dangerous, and withdrawal from it can cause symptoms like jitters and irritation. Therefore, you should reduce the cups of coffee or tea that you consume daily. It is understandable that as a student, you’re always dealing with multiple assignments and quizzes that cause severe stress and fatigue. Thus, to deal with these problems effectively, you become addicted to caffeine. However, to deal with one problem you don’t have to create another one. Seek academic help from an essay writing service if you find inability to meet deadlines. Minimise stress and tension as much as you can by simplifying things.

4. Tame tense muscles:

It is possible that the reason for your anxiety is related to your muscles. Do you feel too stiff? If so, you should try and tame the tensed muscles. If possible, you can get a message from a professional as they are well equipped with techniques and tricks to reduce tension from the muscles. Practise meditation as that brings peace of mind and makes you feel satisfied with everything.

5. Pinpoint the triggers:

One way to combat anxiety is by identifying the reasons which cause it in the first place. Therefore, try to analyse various possibilities and figure out what exactly about it is troublesome to you. You can even talk to a friend about this as they might be able to help you with this.

6. Combat negative thoughts with reasoning:

Psychotherapists use this trick when they challenge all the negative thoughts that circulate in the minds of their clients. This way, they can identify the sane and insane thoughts. Anxiety can be caused by something that isn’t even relevant to your life. Therefore, question your negative thoughts and challenge them with the positive ones.

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